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Recording Artist / Music Producer

"The undeniably catchy vibes of 'Guerrilla Welfare' have the makings of a future hitmaker in the indie world." - HouseShow Magazine




Interview w/ Live Eye TV Music Blog:

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Interview & MV Premiere w/ HouseShow Magazine

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Interview w/ Brooklyn Music Blog “Indie Current”

Recent Releases

Here are a couple of SunSon's recent releases. 


Guerrilla Welfare (Full Album) 

"My most recent creation. I released this album on my 24th Birthday on the 2nd of February, 2018. The album consists of 24 songs that I wrote and produced. Broadly speaking, this album is about the unspoken practices of compassion and understanding that go unrecognized in a world of reactionary popular propaganda (that's what makes the real $$). "

Eye in the Sky 2 copy.jpg

Eye in the Sky (EP) 

"I released this EP in September of 2017. This album includes three tracks that rest comfortably in the "Electronica" genre heading. The album reflects questions of truth and truth seeking and the relationship between concepts and perception. Underlying this EP is the tension between knowledge through inference and unnameable direct perception."

Square Solar Winds Cover.jpg

Solar Winds (EP) 

"A 3-track jangle rock EP I released in Spring of 2017. This EP features a lot of multi-guitar tracking and vocal harmony that I wrote, performed and recorded. The three tracks tell the story of solitude, submission to the world's nature of uncontrollable entropy, and redemption after periods of profound loss and emotional isolation."                

The Sun Show

SunSon also directs, produces and edits video content. Some of the videos are DIY Music Videos, others are skits made from collaboration with friends.  


It's All Good (Music Video) 

"This is a music video I shot in Portland, OR before moving to Brooklyn in April of 2018. The video was produced in collaboration with a cinematographer friend ("vacation home visuals") and was produced by GEM entertainment. We shot footage along the Willamette river - the video showcases the groove of SunSon in his hometown."  

There's No Water (Comedy Sketch) 

"My sense of humor tends towards the absurd. "There's No Water" is a good example of that humor. I directed, performed, Sound Designed and edited the footage for this sketch. My friend Zach plays the "thirsty friend" and I play the confused host. We had a lot of fun making this in Brooklyn at the end of a cross country road trip I embarked on with Zach and another friend from Portland. Good friends and silly situations." 

One Thing (Music Video) 

"This is the first music video I ever made. It also happens to be a video for my first composition under the "SunSon" monniker. The track is entitled "One Thing," off my first album, which I released in 2013 while on a gap year in Senegal, West Africa. Marking the beginning of a 5 year adventure in sound, this electronica tune gets it's awesome "glitch art" vibe from the editing prowess of 'Ritzy Sheens,' a friend and professional visual artist and producer from Portland, OR." 

Upcoming Shows : 

Friday, November 16th at The Bitter End (10PM)

Tuesday, November 20th at Arlene’s Grocery (8PM)

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