The Dawn of SunSon

[SunSon’s music] has a whimsey, optimism, and joy - a light in the dark places.
SunSon in the Desert.jpg

SunSon in Sénégal, 2013



SunSon began creating music in 2013 while living in Dakar, Sénégal for a year. While in the African Country he composed and digitally released his first album - Nowhere Fast.

Since this first release, SunSon has been consistently creating original work that strives to inspire grace and understanding in the face of apparent conflict and tension.

SunSon's music is a playful fusion of mood and substance, creating compelling tunes that resonate with the breadth of human experience we earn in days.



Stanley Mathabane
Drums / Lead Vocals

Bass Guitar/ Guitar

Keyboard/ Song Writing

Music Production/ Mastering

Content Creator/ Social Media Manager